The Emmaus Ministries regional reps are located around the world for the purpose of strengthening existing communities and helping emerging communities with leadership development, training, and resource guidance. We are grateful for their leadership.

Pictured above:
Front row. Left to right: Jorge Berrios, Pete Velander, Stephane Brooks, Peter Butterworth, Vince van Sant.
Back row.Left to right: Nigel Warr, Wendy Warr, Chu Ming Law, Joh van Sant, Peter Richardson.

Meet your regional reps:

Nigel Warr Nigel has lived in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa all his life. He is married to Wendy, and they have five children and four grandchildren. A building contractor by profession, Nigel understands the need for people to build their lives on a firm foundation; he seeks to do this through his work as the Emmaus Ministries regional leader for Africa.


Chu Ming Law was born in Malaysia and was brought up in a Christian family. She graduated from Trinity Theological College in Singapore in 1993 and later married a pastor. Chu Ming has served in Emmaus Ministries as a team member and as a board member. She has been the regional leader of Asia since 2017.


Joh van Sant lives in Australia where she is a wife, mum, and “Oma” (grandmother). In 2000, she went on the Walk to Emmaus, and it changed her life. Since then, she has served in various roles in Emmaus Ministries. As the regional leader for the Pacific, Joh oversees Emmaus Ministries in Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines.


Peter Richardson says he is outspoken, impulsive, loyal, and loving like his famous namesake. Married to Lesley for 52 years, they have two sons Neil and Kevin; Neil passed away some years ago. Peter is a fully accredited local preacher in the Methodist Church in Gloucestershire, England. As the regional leader in Europe, Peter assists 15 established and two emerging Emmaus communities.


Jorge Berrios is on staff at The Upper Room as the managing editor of El Aposento Alto, the Spanish edition of The Upper Room daily devotional. Currently, he lives in Buenos Aires where he oversees the regional office of The Upper Room in South America. As a part of this responsibility, Jorge is providing support to the Emmaus Ministries representatives in that region.


Jari Moreno is on the leadership team for Latin America and the Caribbean, overseeing the northern part of the Caribbean. Jari is the former Lay Director of Puerto Rico’s Chrysalis community.



Sandra Salazar Sánchez serves as a child chapel teacher and as a youth tutor at her church. She enjoys reading, singing, and traveling. Furthermore, Sandra delights in studying and learning. She has responsibility for the work in Central America and the northern part of South America.


Reginald Thomas is from the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and is a fully accredited local preacher of the Methodist Church in The Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA). He is also a qualified spiritual director. Reginald serves as a member of the regional leadership team with responsibility for Barbados, St. Lucia, Belize, St. Vincent, St. Maarten, and Trinidad and Tobago.