Emmaus communities covenant to support emerging communities through the Emmaus Gift Fund. In 2018, communities and individuals gave $44,596.81 to help Christians around the world experience the grace of God through the Emmaus Ministries.

Your Gift Funds at Work Today:
As groups like Boko Haram and ISIS threaten to spread violence far beyond North and West Africa, church leaders in Central Africa are organizing to form a line of prayer that reaches from the east to the west coast of the African continent. Nigel Warr, the regional leader of Emmaus Ministries in Africa explains, “Church leaders had a vision to develop a barrier to stop ISIS from spreading further south, and they identified The Walk to Emmaus as a leadership development program to create leaders in Central Africa and to encourage people to get more involved and spread the word of Christ in this region.”

Over the past two years, donations to “The Gift” provided scholarship funds and helped cover travel and lodging expenses to launch and develop Emmaus communities in Africa, Central America, and South America.

Women's Walk in Nigeria

Zimbabwe Leadership Conference

Goals and Objectives

Since 2015, Emmaus regional leaders have been in conversation with clergy and lay leaders in various countries, all expressing interest in the Walk to Emmaus and all lacking the resources to get the ministry started. Each year, interest in the Walk to Emmaus grows and new possibilities arise.

Emmaus leaders are strategically building relationships and facilitating training to launch initial walks and begin eight new, healthy communities that will touch over three thousand new pilgrims in Central Africa, Eastern Europe, and South America. This effort will also revitalize existing, sponsor communities in the U.S., Mexico, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and others.

Currently, there are seven emerging communities: Kenya, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia,  Poland, and Bulgaria. Groundwork in these countries is well underway. Your gifts today are critical to the success of these communities.